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Our Team

  • Pr. Mwenyi Appolo Director

    I maintain full responsibilty and Co-ordination of the Organization's core programs and daily Activities including scheduling official meetings and overall suppervision of staff..

  • MUHIYI Martin Environment and Health Project Officer March 2016

    I coordinate setting up the wildlife education centre, developing our facilities and promoting the centre to schools in the area. I also complete the data entry for our ambulance health link project. This data demonstrates the number of referrals we make across the region which supports our applications for future funding.

  • HANYIGA Eleanor Education Programme Coordinator Start Date: October 2010

    I design and coordinate the links between schools in the Mbale district and schools in Wales, arranging letters and hosting school visits. The links aim to improve academic performance and engage the community in our education.

  • Wamutu Loyce Education and Livelihood Project Officer August 2016

    I support the Livelihood and Education Programmes, monitoring implementation of the Self Help Groups, Goat Project and the Linked Schools. I also collate.

  • NAKHUMITSA Stella Finace Manager

    I support all our programmes with efficient budgeting and reporting to our sponsers.

  • Zebby Nengholya Livelihood Programme Coordinator April 2012

    I allocate resources and coordinate activities that increase income and support health and education training within our community self-help groups. It is important that our support is sustainable and reaches the intended beneficiaries.

  • Masolaki Ezra Environment Project Officer Start Date: April 2017

    I identify and arrange agroforestry training for our self help groups and communities. Increasing the use of fruit trees and general fodder helps to combat climate change through reducing soil erosion, and provides more sustainable sources of food and fuel and income if excess is sold.

  • Mugide Edith Office Manager January 2015

    I manage the offices here to ensure smooth running of our operations looking after our assets, correspondence, supporting our meetings and workshops, greeting our visitors and controlling our stock.

  • Welalila Richard Wasikye Health Programme Coordinator Start Date: November 2012

    I coordinate our health links emergency referral project, ensuring pregnant mothers can get to a health centre for their birth and treatment of emerging complications. Our service is helping to reduce pregnancy related complications, maternal and infant mortalities in the region.

  • Ruth Belinda Wetaka Accounting Assistant April 2016

    Preparation of books of accounts